Bill’s Pipes ビルズパイプス フルエキゾーストマフラー RE 13シリーズ フルエキゾーストシステム 【RE 13 Series Full System [123838]】 350 SX-F 13-15■商品番号



・ Unique aluminum muffler shape allows for added volume and clearance
・ Coned inlet for greater volume
・ Internal muffler chamber reduces overall sound
・ TIG welded 304 Stainless steel mid-pipe
・ CNC-machined aluminum muffler bracket

350 SX-F 13-15

The RE 13 draws on over 40 years of pipe building experience and knowing how to make raw power. Designed from the ground up, unlike any other pipe on the market, the RE 13 stands alone in innovation and performance. The RE 13 is composed of a stainless steel mid-pipe and an aluminum muffler for unmatched performance and extreme durability.


【送料無料】マフラー 350 SX-F 13-15 Bill’s Pipes ビルズパイプス 52-KT3513